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The Start Of Cooking with Cody.

I always wanted to keep my self busy with a father / son / daughter project but I didn't know it was going to be based around food.

Cody Cocka!

There's a saying in Birmingham and the Black Country, Cocka. It's kinda what you call your kids I think. And Mucka is what you call your mates. So any way, I called the Facebook page Cody Cocka first and it was going to be just me and Cody doing stuff like play-do, painting, cooking, crafts etc. Nothing general. Just what we were up to. It was more to keep my mind focussed on something as I had just had to quit my full time management job and my head, although I was really busy with the kids, my head needed something to bite onto and something to create.

The first time we made a cooking video, the first time we made any video was after I collected our first food bank parcel. In had put off collecting it for ages as I was driving a BMW X5 at the time. It was up for sale as I was paying monthly loan for it and couldn't keep up with the payments but there was no chance I was going yo a food bank in an X5 because people would think if I can afford a car like that, then how can I be skint?! But I was skint. I didn't have any savings at all. I was living month to month before I had to quit so I had nothing to help me when I suddenly quit work. Any way, eventually I sold the Beemer and got a banger Renault scenic thing to run around in. After we collected the food bank parcel and emptied the bags I was completely stunned about what I could make with all the tins of absolute randomness!! Chick peas, chopped tomatoes, tuna.. what was I supposed to do with these?!

I video called my mom, and she thought It was hilarious and told me what should go with what so I could at least make a bolognese or something. Cody was in the background hitting the tins with a wooden spoon and my mom, Nicola, said "looks like Cody's got more of an idea than you have!" And that was it.

I said "I think going to film this". And that was where we made the first video. We then made a play-do video and a painting video but nothing matched the humour and bond that the cooking video did.

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